"... I could be bounded in a nutshell,
And yet consider myself the king of infinite space,
Were it not that I have bad dreams..."

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Month 1

My goals have been:

1. Learn as much Spanish as possible for 1 year (I started this mid April)

Was doing really well until I started trying total immersion technique by listening to Spanish radio while doing housework. Basically, it brought home to me that it's not easy learning languages as I can hardly recognize any words at present. This has discouraged me. However, I have only tried it for 3 days so far, and I have noticed an improvement (I now occasionally recognise the odd word), so I think I might stick at it. On the plus side, I have read my way through half of a book called Easy Spanish reader. This is brilliant as it makes you feel like you know a lot more Spanish than you do and it's cool being able to read the texts (Spanish is relatively easy to read as it has so many words that are similar to English).

2. Classical guitar

I have managed to harden my fingers a little. I've had the guitar since last October but have been practising seriously since a visit by my inspiring brother about 6 weeks ago as we're thinking of doing an open-mic in a year. I love it, but it's hard as hard can be. Still doesn't sound nice.

3. Carry on with acting

Had marvelous fun playing two parts in show at acting group. I've signed up for third term but it's going to be improvisation which I find really hard. Will be a challenge to show up.

4. Argentine Tango

Love dance, but feel frustrated at my lack of progress. Wish I had a really good regular partner as I think this would help a lot. Managed to persuade husband to go along, but we keep being asked to swap partners so not really working out as I'd hoped. Thinking of swapping to ballet or belly dancing.


Suspect that gym really helps create contentment. On the whole have kept up going, but currently going through reluctant phase.

Going into London to experience it, learn about it, and take photos

Not much of this going on at all. When to fit it in!

Trying new things

I've tried a couple of new things (food, new language, singing at party). I believe in this in principle but can't say I've noticed anything yet.

Reading about interesting things

I've been reading Practical Philosophy a few page every day for about a month.

Generally I reckon the hobbies are definitely a good thing. I'm currently wrestling with the problem of how to fit them in and prioritize them as I also have my photography business, the two boys, and my husband, as well as the housework. My tendency is to fixate on one and find it difficult to make myself do the rest.

I'm going to try making a timetable today. See if that works.

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